Friday, April 26, 2013

It Could be Worse!

"Life ain't that bad,
Look what you have.
When the high's aren't so high,
just do what you can.
A world you can change,
and a life you choose.
'Cause somewhere out there,
somebody wishes they were you."
~Adelitas Way~
This is a few lines from a favorite song of mine, which has helped me get through this very difficult time in my life. The words say quite a bit to me. When I am feeling particularly down, I listen to this song. It always reminds me that no matter how tough it gets, it could always be worse. Do I ever need to be reminded of that from time to time. No matter the hardships and difficulties, someone has it even rougher.
This song also reminds me to be very grateful for what I do have. I always have God to lean on, and do I ever! I rely on Him so very much! Even though I am going through a rough patch, I am truly blessed! The Lord has given me so much! I don't have much in money or material things, but I have my life, my family and friends, which mean the world to me. I do Facebook an awful lot, that's the best way I know to keep up, since I do not have many that are in Indiana! My friends especially have been amazingly comforting to me lately!
I just read Baldwin's Going to Meet the Man, WOW! That poor, poor, man! He had it the worst. The story made me feel shock, amazement, and yes, even horror. It was a wonderful story, telling it like it was, but I felt terrible for the poor soul. My first husband's grandmother used to tell of a lynching she went to in Kentucky when she was a young girl-I thank the Good Lord people do not do that anymore and that I never had to witness anything so cruel. Baldwin also reminded me that I have it pretty darn good! Great story!

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